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Self-Management Course Musicians

Self-Management for musicians Cicerone Music and Art
Take your career in your own hands - Self-management course for musicians

  • How to build your music career
  • How to find more concerts
  • How to brand and position yourself
  • How to manage yourself as an artist 
  • How to become a happy musician!

At the end of this course, your will understand and will know how to apply the rules for the music business. You will have chosen great tools to make the community listening to you and will be able to enlarge your network to the biggest boundaries. You will no longer lose time and will be effective and get straight to the goal. And last but not least, you will know how to combine your musical talent with business and achieve a respectable music business salary.

An interactive 2 months course to EMPOWER yourself

Get skilled about 

  • What are the best social media tools and how to make them work
  • Why your website is a great tool for your branding and how promoters read your site
  • How to do networking and why knowledge of generation management  will help you impressing and convincing promoters, organizers and your audience
  • How to change your biography in an appealing, clear, attractive and convincing story (our easy 3-step plan!)
  • How to make effective phone calls and conversations with promoters, sponsors and festivals
  • Tips for self management

Meet Irma de Jong, your personal instructor!

What do you get from this course? 
  1. Confidence
  2. Knowledge 
  3. a clear idea about how to Master your own musical career
  4. Insight, tips and how to use the best tools to Position, Brand, and Market your musical talent
  5. Getting skilled in networking, how to find your audience and promoters 
  6. Personal feedback from your instructor Irma de Jong

What is your investment? 

  • 2 hours a week for 2 months  (to watch and listen to the video lessons, and to work on your assessments)
  • Commitment
  • Set your mind and decisions into the cultural entrepreneur success
  • € 195 for the full course ( 22 music business tutorials + 2 bonus lessons) 

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Irma de Jong
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"Irma is fantastic, extremely practical and full of ideas. She is a nice and helpful person and is very personal in her professional advices." (L., composer)

"She presented everything in a way that even non-native English speakers (such as myself) could understand/follow and her practical approach to serious matters gave us confidence regarding our own future problems.(G. clarinettist)

Irma de Jong, artist manager and instructor

Who is  Irma de Jong? 

  • Artists and Project Manager 
  • Owner of agency Cicerone Music & Art. 
  • Works in the classical music field for more than 25 years 
  • Collaborated with many renowned artists and orchestras
  • Project manager of violin competitions, exhibitions, events and music festivals  
  • Producer of online high quality music masterclasses
  • Researcher on social media and web communication

Irma holds a Business diploma of the Hanze College Zwolle. She studied and received her certificates in linguistics and musicology at the Open University Heerlen and obtained her Public Relations (NGPRA) and Marketing diploma at the Dutch Institution for Marketing (NIMA).