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Interactive courses 

Interactive One-2-One courses that take place asynchronously. You can watch, learn, exercise and comment at any convenient time and place. A course, mostly composed out of a series of videos is personally assigned to you and at your own speed and learning tempo, you go through it one by one. Our platform allows for both student and teacher to upload audio and video files and practices. The teacher sends you personal feedback and assessments.  


"Let me take you on a journey to make you a cultural entrepreneur. Take the three months course and invest in yourself!"


How to make your own song

"For this course, you do not have to be a practised musician. You don’t even have to read notes or any kind of musical symbols. All you need is your own voice and your ears!"


An interactive course for musicians to EMPOWER yourself. Learn all about branding, positioning, impressing and convincing promoters, organisers and your audience!  In this one-2-one interactive course, Irma de Jong takes you in 8 lessons through everything you need to know to become a successful and a great communicator when it comes to market yourself. 

Based on the melody of a language, this easy and interesting composition technique that Matthias Kadar is going to teach you has seen happy faces from children to grown-ups, amateur- to professional musicians, musicologists and music pedagogues. The technique can be recognised in the works of all well-known composers like Mozart, Schubert or singer-songwriters like Jacques Brel, Georges Brassens or in folk songs.