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Michael Fine

Grammy Award winning recording producer Michael Fine (USA) has worked in music - as a clarinetist, conductor, record label executive, orchestra artistic planner, and most recently as a composer.  The inspirations from his musical memories, his surroundings, and from everyday life, led to his first composition - Quartet Moments combining clear visual elements with a nostalgic look at compositional styles from times past. Fine’s output in the short time he has been composing already includes several orchestra scores and chamber music for several instruments. Promo Page

Matthias Kadar

Matthias Kadar, composer and singer, is noted for his idiosyncratic musical language and distinct writing style. Kadar studied composition and piano with Christian Lauba in Bordeaux and later with Theo Loevendie at the Amsterdam Conservatory. He composed about 200 works for solo voice or instrument, ensemble, orchestra and theatre that have been performed worldwide. His collaborations as a composer/ singer have taken him or his compositions to the most prestigious concert halls or festivals in Europe, USA, Australia and Asia. Together with Iván Fischer, he worked sfor more than a decade on different musical projects.

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Federico Favali

Federico Favali (Italy) obtains a Master in composition (King’s College, London) and a Drama Art and Music Studies degree (fine arts) from the  Bologna University. His compositions has been performed in several Italian cities, and abroad in Germany, Argentina, Paraguay, Malaysia, Korea and Japan. Federico's inspirations come from theatre, the basis of his compositions that are all inspired by imaginary theatrical actions. For the year 2016 Federico will be composer in residence of Associazione Musicale Lucchese in Lucca. Promo Page

Marlijn Helder

Marlijn Helder (Netherlands) started to compose and play the piano at the age of 8. From the age of 11 she continued her studies amongst others at the conservatories of The Hague, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Her composition professors where amongst others Roderik de Man, Klaas de Vries and Theo Loevendie. In November 2016 , her chamber music version of Debussy's La Mer and her newest piece Spring Rain was premiered with the orchestra of Radio France (publisher Chant du Monde). In March 2012, Universal Edition Vienna announced the publication of Helder’s orchestration of Mahler’s Piano Quartet, commissioned by the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra. It was premiered in May 2013 by the RPhO and James Gaffigan. The Asian premiere was held in November 2014 with the Seoul Philharmonic and Mark Wigglesworth.

Her works range from solo to chamber music and large orchestra scores. Since the succes of the Mahler orchestration, Helder is more often commissioned by orchestras and ensembles. In 2010 her first opera premiered in Taiwan. Marlijn has won several national and international prizes, both as a pianist as well as a composer.

Andrea Tosi

Andrea Tosi (italy) is a conductor, composer and arranger and graduated at the Accademia Filarmonica di Bologna. He composes music for film, television and theatre and composed and arranged for more than 20 musicals. He wrote the music for the musical “Chiara of God” by Carlo Tedeschi (The life of Santa Clare next to St. Francis of Assisi) and  won First prize for the best soundtrack of a documentary film at the World Festival of Underwater Pictures (1990, Antibes). Andrea has written the soundtrack for the film “A Dark Rome” by Andrés Rafael Zabala and for one of the short films by Raffaello Sasson; both films are receiving important awards at International Festivals. 

Pavel Yakovlev

Pavel Yakovlev's (Russia) music is a reflection on the great versatility of the world and human life, the search for eternal values and the comprehension of their essence. Philosophical and religious ideas, also Russian and German art, have always been sources of inspiration for the composer. Yakovlev's works are created in different genres: symphony, concerto, and various chamber ensembles.