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A personal story...

Irma de Jong, managing director & founder Cicerone Music & Art"It all began with me sitting on the balcony of the "Theater Vrijthof" in Maastricht back in 1993, listening to a dazzling performance of Bach's Double Concerto by the Limburg Symphony Orchestra, it's concertmaster Gil Sharon and Shlomo Mintz. "What a violinist!" I thought. One year later I started to work as his personal assistant at the orchestra and 4 years later I opened my artist agency Cicerone Music & Art. Ever since music has brought me to many different countries and I've met artists and promoters of all ages and different backgrounds. Communication through music is my passion. I love to organize and coordinate all kind of activities. Music is very important in my life, I enjoy working with creative people.

Enjoy this legendary video of the concert at "Theater a/h Vrijthof " Maastricht, in September 1997. Shlomo Mintz  played the Paganini Violin Concerto No. 1 with the Limburg Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Yoel Levi on "il Cannone", Paganini's violin. A special event,  organized by Bob Bremer, TROS TV and the Community of Genoa. 



“This is a love story, a love for music, a love for artists and a love for perfection! Irma is the person we can rely on for the organization of events, not only the physical part of it but also the communication and the human touch. Then, she contributes with creative ideas that enrich any project. She has worked for M4 Culture in Crans-Montana in a series of concerts and currently manages a major undertaking: "Les Rencontres de la Liberté". She also plays an important role in developing a challenging project, iClassical Academy, a company that records and sells online Master Classes of violin, cello, piano, etc. As a coordinator for recordings, she has to deal with artists, students, filming crews, lodging, programs and much more. Diplomacy and patience are in demand! She has an added advantage: she understands young people and the way they communicate. It has been a pleasure working with Irma and I hope we shall have many more opportunities to cooperate.” 

Pierre Perrenoud, board member M4 Culture and iClassical Academy

Current and previous Productions:

iClassical Academy, Synesthesia Series Prague, Villa Sandra Piano AcademySion Festival and Sion Violin Competition (CH), Rencontres de Crans-Montana,  M4 Culture FestivalCrans-Montana Classics  (CH), Violins of Hope projects in Switzerland, Spain and the Netherlands; ZHdK Strings tours to Korea, Thailand, Turkey, Iceland and Italy; Premio Etta Limiti Milan, Film Festival & European Directors Conference Maastricht (the Netherlands).


Cicerone Management

Managing director and founder of Cicerone Music & Art.

Works in the classical music field for more than 25 years and has collaborated with many renowned artists and orchestras. As project manager, she worked in various cultural projects, such as violin competitions, exhibitions and events, music festivals and online music learning. Irma holds a Business diploma of the Hanze College Zwolle. She studied and received her certificates for linguistics and musicology at the Open University Heerlen (the Netherlands) and obtained her Public Relations and Marketing diploma at the Dutch Institution for Marketing (NIMA).

Producer, director, documentary maker and script writer. Worked as a director for Mediaset TV Italy for many years and collaborated with renowned guests and artists, such as Riccardo Muti, Paolo Limiti and Annie Lennox. He produced entertainment shows for RAI TV and theatres, for instance "Notorious", a Rock/Opera show. He is the Music Video Director of an online music video platform of Master Classes for advanced students in classical music. Gianriccardo is specialist for web communication, video entertainment and music video recordings. Responsible  Cicerone Italy.



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